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NTLDR is missing
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NTLDR is missing. Решение проблемы на русском описано в статье по странице /nastro.....hto-delat/

In given article I will describe the most widespread reasons of appearance of the message �NTLDR is missing� and methods of elimination of errors in these cases.
The material consists of two parts. In the first variants of the reasons, in the second methods of elimination of a problem are stated. In the end of the description of each point of the first part it is given one or several links to possible candidate solutions from the second part.

So, a part the first, why it has happened:

You have received the type error report:

Windows XP could not start because the following files were missing or corrupted: WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM NTLDR MISSING.
You can try to repair this file by starting the Windows Setup program from original floppies or boot from CD-ROM. Select 'r' at first screen to repair.


NTLDR is missing
Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.

It, as a rule, is deduced in cases, when the operating system boot loader has lost access to the general load files Ntldr and Ntdetect.com, and can't begin OS loading. Following reasons are most spread:

1) In a root of section NTFS from, which loading is produced, a considerable quantity of files is created. After reboot the message NTLDR is missing is received. Attempt to correct a situation by removal of files doesn't solve a problem.

It is connected to singularities of creation of file system. At growth of number of files in a root folder table MFT can become strong ; the additional index of layout will be thus created. Since in indexes of layout files are enumerated in alphabetic order file NTLDR can get to the second index. The loader can process the files allocated only in the first index, as leads to an error NTLDR is missing.

Automatic copying of files by any software solution, or creation and removal of temporal files directly in a root folder of load section happens the reason of appearance of a considerable quantity of files in root C:\more often.

For the problem resolution I advise to use instructions from point of a C of section malfunction Elimination. If it hasn't helped, it is necessary to address to point A.

2) Other reason of appearance of this error can be covered in singularities of teamwork Windows NT and XP. The systems created on the basis of Windows NT, have more simple loader which doesn't define additional means of start Windows XP. Therefore the problem can arise if to deliver NT as the second operating system on the machine with XP.
In this case it is possible to use B, A or E.

3) Ntldr and Ntdetect.com can be banal are remote or damaged as a result of actions of the user or errors in software operation.

It also, as well as at setting NT, see points B, A or E.

4) Also the error report NTLDR Is Missing can appear after change of the active section. For normal operation of loader Windows it is necessary, that system files which it uses, were allocated on the active section.

The decision is described in points A, D or E.

5) Well and at last, the reasons of appearance of an error NTLDR Is Missing can be not only program, but also equipment rooms. It and failure in hard disk operation, and out-of-date version BIOS on the motherboard, and connection to the computer of one more disk from already installed OS.

Point F of the second part of article is about it written.

Malfunction elimination

As problem makeshift, in a case when OS urgently is required to load, it is possible to use boot drive Windows, Live CD or a load flash card.

Attention! Before performance described below actions be convinced that there is a reliable backup copy of files with the important data.

Now we will start the immediate decision.

A) to return the computer in working state, are required to replace files Ntldr and Ntdetect.com on load section Windows XP. To make it the recovery console will help. To use, it is necessary to boot from setup disk Windows XP, and at screen appearance Setting Windows to push a key R. Further it is necessary to select load section and to enter a command fixboot.

B) The Second variant of changeover of files of the loader on correct - to launch the computer from boot drive Windows, Live CD or a load flash card in compatibility mode MS-DOS (if on the active section costs NTFS, it is necessary to launch the utility NTFSDOS.EXE) and simply to copy files Ntldr and Ntdetect.com from a folder \i386 on CD in a boot drive root folder. If the file system of load section is system FAT, it is possible to use boot drive MS-DOS.

During the above-stated operations in MS-DOS don't forget to remove from files attributes "System", Only reading, "Hidden" by means of a command attrib. I will explain as it to make:
attrib ntdetect.com-r-sh
attrib ntldr-r-sh

с) The Microsoft Company had been developed the small utility, Bcupdate2. To receive it it is possible, having addressed in Microsoft support, or to look at those who has already downloaded it. After obtaining of the given program it is possible to start bug fix process.

We create the boot floppy disk and we are loaded from it. In command line is launched BCUpdate2.exe:/f , where a C: - load section. We pushy, thereby we agree to operation of the given program. We receive the message on successfully done operation, we reboot. Or simply we write Run a:\bcupdate.exe c:

D) the Problem which has resulted change of the active section can be solved following methods:

1) By means of the boot floppy disk it is possible to replace the active section:

* Boot by means of a diskette.
* In command line enter fdisk and push a key "INPUT".
* In reply to a question on switching-on of support of the big disks select Y (yes).
* Select a command Choice of the active section, push a key with number of section which needs to be made active, and then a key "INPUT"

2) By means of recovery console Windows it is possible to copy necessary files on current active section:

* Boot from compact disk Windows XP (modification of the order of loading in BIOS and check of jumpers on CD drive can be demanded).
* At inscription appearance you are welcomed by the master of setting push key F10 or R, to begin recovery process.
* Enter cd., to pass in the boot drive root directory.
* Enter a letter of the device of reading of compact disks.
* Enter cd i386.
* Enter Copy ntldr a letter of your boot drive:
* Enter Exit.

If the section hasn't been formatted by means of Windows, it can be necessary also to launch a command fixboot recovery consoles. The given command redefines default arguments which register in load section of system. Fixboot re-records a hard disk boot sector that does the active section load. Understands unique argument - a device letter on which record is produced. As it to make, it has been described above.

Also master boot record damage (MBR) is possible. For its recovery use a command fixmbr

Attention! The command fixmbr can damage the partition table if the system is infected by viruses or there are problems with the equipment. Then there is a risk to receive inaccessible sections. It is recommended to check up in advance system the anti-virus program and to make a backup copy of the important data, it is temporarily having connected a disk to other computer.

The superfluous won't check up a file boot.ini, it is how much correct in it "ways" to your OS are registered and whether sections are correctly defined.

E) One more candidate solution of a problem is a connection of a disk to the computer from working OS Windows or Windows 2003 Server. Through equipment Control of disks can be checked up, sections and logical disks are how much correctly created, and also to make active the first disk partition. Then to copy there two files: NTLDR and NTDETECT.com from working OS. After such manipulations it is possible to put the HD reversely and to be loaded from it. Thus it is desirable to drop setting BIOS by default and to leave a disk on the first loop IDE the master.

If near at hand there is no other computer from worker Windows, try to deliver simply parallely the second OS and to do all aforesaid.

F) If you have connected a new hard disk to the computer, and right after it there was error NTLDR, be convinced that on this disk OS isn't installed. Try to disconnect just installed hard disk and to produce repeated loading. If a problem won't dare, use the boot floppy disk, if needed use a command format. Don't forget that thus all data on HD will be remote.

Affecting hardware problems, I can tell that most simple that it is possible to make at suspicion on such case to update BIOS, to move a hard disk in other connector of a cable or to replace a cable. It is necessary to check up a state of a lithium battery on the motherboard. The sat down battery (less than 3), or bad contacts between it and the motherboard - the reason of many glitches, occasionally unexpected.

Quite often in failures at loading results appearance of defects in the areas occupied with system files. And if on a disk problems have started to appear to use it it is impossible: shortly the drive completely will fail. It is necessary to give it to repair or to buy a new disk.

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